Product Data Indexing and Archiving

Documents Indexing and Archiving Services

Digitizing documents and images is a simple way of creating a more efficient process for accessing and retrieving information, in addition to reducing the space required to store documents. WebiForce delivers effective indexing and archiving services that can assist your organization in digitizing documents, while ensuring simple archiving, access and retention of data.

Indexing and archiving services from WebiForce involve receiving unsorted, scattered data from clients, and sorting, organizing and categorizing this into an indexed database. Once this information has been indexed and archived, the process for searching, accessing and retrieving the required information is much simpler - enhancing the productivity of your organization.

We Adapt Our Indexing Services to Cater to the Specific Needs of Your Organization

When performing indexing, WebiForce can organize your data according to the specific needs of your business. We can extract essential information, such as keywords, document number, titles, invoice number, file name, document date, or any other field you require.

Outsourcing document indexing services to WebiForce will ensure you can focus your efforts towards the more important functions of your organization. We have the capability to perform indexing for a wide range of images, documents and other text files.

Our services include:

Document Indexing

Legal Document Indexing

Full Profile and Text Indexing

Meta Data Indexing

Keyword Indexing

Invoice Indexing

Digital Archiving Services

WebiForce offers digital archiving services through advanced OCR, OMR, data extraction techniques and CD mastering and duplication technology, to provide the best outcomes for our clients. With over a decade of experience, WebiForce' archiving and tagging team has comprehensive expertise in regards to newspaper archiving, media archiving, document archiving and photo tagging services, which can help you navigate through huge amounts of data in the most efficient manner.

When you outsource documents indexing and archiving services to WebiForce, a leading indexing company, we deliver a range of benefits to clients :

Accuracy of Output:

We cater our approach to suit the unique needs of each client. This way we are able to deliver the maximum benefit to clients.

Information Security:

WebiForce operates 24/7 to provide customers with a shortened turn around time.


Our indexing and archiving services are extremely cost-effective, with an assured cost reduction of at least 40%.

Quick Turnaround Time:

An ISO 27001 certified organization, WebiForce has stringent security measures in place to guarantee the protection of clients' information.

Your business can benefit greatly by choosing WebiForce as your eCommerce Support Outsourcing Services partner

Support Across all Shopping Carts

We provide Product Feed Data Management support across Shopping carts & eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Xcart, BigCommerce, MagentoGo, 3D Cart, Volusion, UltraCart, PinnacleCart, AgoraCart and more.

24*7 Customer Service

Our 24*7 multichannel customer service via phone, chat, email and IVR keeps your online retail business connected with your global customers, at all times.

Product Data Feed Management

We carry out management of low volumes to high volumes of product data for all ecommerce businesses. This data includes product details, product SKU details, price updates, image uploading and other data.

Photo editing services

Our Photo editing services for eCommerce products such as retail, electronics, fashion, apparel, toys, cosmetics, tools, equipments and others include photo retouching, enhancement of photo color, contrast and exposure, image clipping, background change, product view generation and more.


All our services are tailored keeping your needs in mind. Our scalable and flexible services help you to cope with the changing market demands including high volumes of products.

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